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So many things, all going on at once.

The Prey of Gods - Nicky Drayden

To give you an idea of how busy this plot was, the point of view characters were:

1. A teenager who gets superpowers via a new drug (also dealing with a complicated relationship with his boyfriend, and a bunch of family history issues).

2. A service robot on the verge of sentience (to robot uprising or not to robot uprising?)

3. An ancient demigod on the prowl for worshippers and power.

4. A city counsellor who is struggling with wildlife management, a potential major political run and gender identity issues (as well as a secret life as a lounge singer).

5. A child from the slum who turns out to be a demigod (and her family, and her father/mentor/god).

6. A pop superstar with super powers related to the teen, family secrets, and a show to put on.


If you guessed that all of these characters end up at the pop concert, you guessed correctly. If you guessed that six main characters, at least three intersecting sets of powers/tech/magic/gods/whatever going on at the same time is going to make the back third of the novel a tad busy, but you got that one right too.


I liked all of these complicated, difficult characters on their own, and a lot of the plot elements were original and interesting, but giving them each their due in the middle of an attempted apocalypse was a little more than a first-time novelist could quite pull off. By about fifty pages from the end, after pretty well everyone had died and resurrected multiple times, I just didn't have that much investment in how the big fight was going to work out.


(Also, without spoilers, there's a sub plot about motherhood, and another about a stalker that I found really off putting.)


Which is too bad, as there was a lot of potential there, and as mentioned I really dug most of the characters, who were flawed and allowed to screw up and redeem themselves (or not). The setting was great, and worked really well to inform the characters, and I liked the afro-futurist elements a lot. Looking forward to what Drayden does next.