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The advantages of reading blurbs:

Jade City (The Green Bone Saga) - Fonda Lee

You'll know it's not your genre before you start! Had I read it, I'd have run into the phrase " an epic saga reminiscent of The Godfather with magic and kungfu."  As it was, I went off a bunch of people reccing it, and just jumped right in, not wanting to be spoiled.


I was squiffy on this book because the first female character didn't show up for fifty pages (and was a mistress who was there entirely for a sex scene), and then I was squiffy on it because only one of five of the PoV characters was a woman, and it seemed like the length of the Bible between her scenes (while meanwhile all the male characters made free with gendered slurs), but that was picking up a tiny bit by the half way mark.


What finally finished me off was realising that I really just wanted all of the major characters to murder each other in the cleanest way possible, and the government to have to actually, you know, govern. Instead of handing everything everything off to wirefu maniacs and their gang wars. This realisation hit about when I figured out that this reminded me of nothing so much as The Hoods (made into a movie as Once Upon a Time in America). So it turns out that I don't like mafia stories? And setting them in a secondary world 1980s South East Asia doesn't make me like them more. Also, I didn't find that adding a very small amount of magic (basically making wirefu real) and then changing nothing else was the most innovative world building I'd ever run into.


DNF at the 50% mark.