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I listen to a lot of audiobooks, read a lot of library books and e-books, still somehow never have enough room on my bookshelves.

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Even more fun than the first one!

Pet Rescue Panther  - Zoe Chant

Plot, humour action scenes, dragons, love, more dragons, the heroine AGAIN saving the day, this time with smarts. Basically its everything I want in a shifter romance, and a box of kittens besides. (The kittens were really cute!)


I loved Ben's endless and increasingly byzantine family drama, and how tangled up in it all he could get. There were some great bits of world building in there, and I liked how the dragon shifter politics worked so differently from the "conventional" animal ones. Tessa was a great heroine, and I loved her cool under pressure and tangle of issues and how all that also tied into the larger plot. It was really well put together, and very enjoyable.


Looking forward to Melody and the bookstore. (I am finding the and then they moved to an idyllic small town! endings a bit jarring, but I guess that's the convention of the genre.)