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It took my five days to read a hundred and forty pages of this.

— feeling doubt
Swallowing Mercury - Wioletta Greg, Wioletta Grzegorzewska, Eliza Marciniak

Which is probably another case of "it's not you, litfic; it's me." I just... don't get it? Maybe it's more meaningful if you grew up or had family in eastern Europe? My investment was super low throughout, and I was left not really knowing what the book was either about or trying to say.


The format was a series of unconnected but chronologically ordered events in the life of a school girl in a very small Polish town from when she was about six through high school and the death of her father. Each event or image would take up two to six pages, and then we'd be off to the next thing. There was rarely if ever any follow up to what happened with the previous incidents


The descriptions were often pretty and insightful, and there was a fair bit of humour mostly found in communist bureaucracy v. reality incidents, but mostly I felt as though I were missing something.