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I listen to a lot of audiobooks, read a lot of library books and e-books, still somehow never have enough room on my bookshelves.

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I feel like rating this would be missing the point.

My Conversations with Canadians - Lee Maracle

This is meant to be a difficult book to read for its target audience (middle class white Canadians) and it was. It's not interested in coddling or pulling punches. It's frankly tired of this shit. (I wanted to go, "but not me!" a lot, but yes, me too, or she wouldn't be writing the book.)


The style is, as the title suggests, conversational, and I read straight through the baker's dozen chapters and two transcribed speeches in two sittings. I'm left with a lot to absorb. It's certainly impacted some of the ways I think and speak.


I'll have to think about it more.