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What an odd book!

Jane, Unlimited - Kristin Cashore

I feel like the author was doing a lot more with the structure than I was picking up. Essentially it fallows the story of a young woman getting invited to a house party on an island. The first part of the book introduces all the characters and some of the mysteries, and then it has five different endings, depending on what choice the main character makes at a key moment. Cashore clearly had some kind of chart or possibly map with little people to move around, as each ending follows the same run of events, and as you get into each world, you realise that this Earth is not quite our Earth, and that there are infinite possibilities across the multiverse that may also be accessed. Each ending also gets increasingly strange and changes genre.


It's all very complicated, and I was interested, but none of it seemed to tie together that well between parts, and I wasn't very invested by the end. I think it was just a little too high concept for me, and though I appreciated the potentially bi protagonist, I could have used a little more romance. I was unsurprised to find in the author's notes that it started out as a choose your own adventure novel, and it may have worked better if it'd stayed that.


I was trying to keep an open mind as to it not being Bitterblue and giving it a chance on its own terms, but in the end, well, it's not Bitterblue.