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Tropey lesbian secondary world fantasy!

The Tiger's Daughter - K. Arsenault Rivera

If that doesn't get your attention, let me add that it's the epic romance between two soul-bonded demon-killing princesses, one of whom is an empress and swordswoman and the other of whom is a deadshot horsewoman from the steps. There's intercultural romance! There's pining! There's epic family histories and grudges! There is poetry! There're flowers! Did I mention that they're soul bonded?


This is like a balm for my soul!


Okay, I should actually talk about the plot, which is largely written in first person in form of a letter from one of the lovers to the other, and recounts their lives up until present day, with a handful of contemporary flashbacks, and then has an epilogue about how all their parents met. I spent the first quarter wondering if they were going to be lesbians or warrior sisters, and then they started saying things like "I knew that I would never be permitted to touch you." I may have punched the air.


I loved the mix of the empress' wilful fuck the world arrogance and the horsewoman's practicality. Honestly, I can't think of a hell of a lot to say that's not <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I would warn for a certain amount of gore and demons.


Can't wait for the next one.