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Born with Teeth: A Memoir

Born with Teeth: A Memoir - Hachette Audio, Kate Mulgrew, Kate Mulgrew It was certainly a book about Kate Mulgrew! Firstly, I'm not always as interested in books by actors as they don't always turn out to be great writers, but this was very well done on a technical level. Mulgrew has a real head for prose, and I enjoyed her writing for itself. Her life story up to the millennium was interesting, but not extraordinarily so, but the writing and presentation made it sparkle.

Being that it's me, I could have used a little more about Star Trek, and probably less about various boy friends and husbands, but I loved all her relationships with women. Her mother is such a guiding figure in this book, for good and ill, and then Mulgrew is constantly surrounded by blood-sworn female friends. Then of course the search for her lost daughter, which is the through line of the later two thirds of the book. I was a bit perplexed that so much of the story was a love letter to her second husband when she must have either just broken up with him or been in process thereof when she was writing it.

Mulgrew reads the audiobook herself, which I would recommend. She has an admirable amount of confidence and swagger.