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The Refugees

The Refugees - Viet Thanh Nguyen Giving it three stars doesn't really speak ill of this so much as say that contemporary fiction short stories aren't really my bag. They seem to lean to epiphanies of the nature of "in that moment, he realised he was a terrible person/doomed to a loveless marriage/generally hooped" which is not really my thing on the whole. They were very well written, and there was the usual praise of keen insight into human nature.

I liked them as a group perhaps more than I liked the individual stories (save for the first one about the ghost). I liked the sort of river delta of consequences where each character has his or her own echo of the Vietnamese-American war and its aftermath (though one character comments in the last story that all foreigners know about our country is war, which seems to be lampshading it a bit.) The characters or their parents each had a different experience of the war, despite all being South Vietnamese, and even similar people took that in different ways, and it made for interesting reading.

Still pretty grim though.