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The Marines of Montford Point: America's First Black Marines

The Marines of Montford Point: America's First Black Marines - Melton A. McLaurin, J.D.  Jackson, Adam Lazarre-White, David Carpenter, Karole Foreman, William Harper, Daxton Edwards Probably mostly interesting to people who are doing either black history or WWII research. I liked hearing the words of the people interviewed (though why they recorded them, transcribed them, and then had actors read them I don't know), and there was a lot of interesting stories and voices, but the content was repetitive and somewhat limited.

The bridging material by McLaurin didn't help this, as it was deeply rahrah marine corps, and fairly shallow, often just reiterating what the men themselves were about to say. Though some of the interviewed men said they had negative experiences and wished they hadn't been in the marines, that's never really followed up on (certainly the stories of say Iwo Jima and Korea are horrific, but usually to the tune of "that made a man of me). I'm not saying the stories are less valuable for all being positive, but it did have a very Funded By USMC feel. I also wish that the book had been arranged by interview subject, rather than by topic.