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The Siren Depths

The Siren Depths - Martha Wells Perfect finish to my favourite fantasy trilogy in years. It brought together all the relationship threads, solved all the remaining mysteries and managed to introduce some great new characters to boot.

I really loved all the characters in the new court, especially the queen, who was completely badass. I really appreciate how this series deals with culture clash and social isolation. It never feels contrived, even though the characters are shape shifting dragons, and the miscommunication never feels forced, but natural given the personalities involved.

The world building remains phenomenal. Every chapter there's a vivid new setting that has a whole story behind it. Mostly we don't get to hear the stories, but there's layer on layer of gorgeous background. It feels like a world that's had hundreds of cultures sharing it for thousands of years, building all this detail.

The story was all Moon's though, in whose emotional journey I've become deeply invested over the last two books. Going back to look at the first book, it's amazing how much he's changed over the series, and it feels like we've grown with him. His remaining trust issues and tentative relationships just make me want to give everyone a hug, but again they feel perfectly natural and reasonable, rather than making me want to smack them all for being idiots.