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Summer Campaign - Carla Kelly Fun Regency, if of more the wallpaper type than one invested in period detail (aside from how terrible doctors were back then). I liked how seriously Our Hero's mental health issues were treated, and that they didn't just go away when he fell in love, but felt that he badgered Our Heroine too much, and that I didn't every really get a handle on her. It was a nice, sweet, slow romance, but the characterisation didn't feel that deep to me, and the ending felt rushed and a bit pat. I feel, though am too lazy to investigate, that one cannot get around England quite as fast as the characters were, and that helpful/nosy neighbours were more of a thing than appeared in the book, even in York. Also, a marquise in a giant ass house might have more staff? The book felt lightly populated. Anyway, fast read, often funny, would try that author again when I'm looking for something cute and undemanding.