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Candide - Voltaire Firstly this is a very good production. I had no idea that Jack Davenport able to do so many silly radio voices, but he does them very well, and seems to be having a good time too. I had to hunt down the translator, but it's apparently one Roger Pearson did in 1990, and it's wonderfully colloquial and friendly, though it, in combination with Davenport, does make everyone sort of British.

This is actually my first time through all the way, though I'd skimmed the free translation, and had always generally meant to read it. It's pretty fast to go through, and flies by being so wonderfully sarcastic. I can see why it both sold out and was banned immediately. I think my favourite character was Marvin the Paranoid Android Martin the Dutch Manichaean, but most people towed along in Candide's wake provided excellent foils.

I will say there's rather a lot of rape, but it does tend to be played as a war crime, and treated similarly to all the other horrors that befall the characters along the way.