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I listen to a lot of audiobooks, read a lot of library books and e-books, still somehow never have enough room on my bookshelves.

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Saints and Misfits

Saints and Misfits - S Mahmud Ali Funny, moving, and I liked it a lot. There are roughly 47 plots going on here (her crush on a non-Muslim boy, her dealing with her family, her relationship with a neighbour, her dealing with mean girls in school, her relationship with out girls at the mosque, her fear of a sexual predator at said mosque, her struggles to maintain good grades while being something of an outcast at school), which are all more or less tied together as the story young woman trying to work out her own ethics and learning to stand on her own. That part was very well told, even if not every plot thread worked out. I especially liked how there were many different expressions of faith, and how as long as each had sincerity and compassion, it had value.